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Welcome to Mongolia


Riding a horse

Galop in Orkhon Valley

14 days - 1550$


Galop in Orkhon Valley offers a unique and unforgettable experience: a 9 days horse riding adventure through the beautiful Orkhon Valley, including 3 days of exploring the Naiman nuur park on your own with packs on the yaks. You'll ride 25 to 35 km per day, and enjoy a successful circuit for riders looking for unique sensations.

Khongor sand dunes

Trans Mongolia offers a unique 3 week journey across the country, from the dunes of the Gobi Desert in the south to the shores of the majestic Khovsgol Lake in the north. Along the way, travelers will experience the incredible variety of landscapes that define Mongolia, from steppes, mountains, and forests to deserts, rivers, and lakes. This is an unforgettable opportunity to explore the wonders of Mongolia in an immersive and exciting way.

Khongor sand dunes

Steppe and Gobi

14 days - 1540$


Experience the vast and varied landscapes of Mongolia with Steppe and Gobi. Our tour offers a comfortable way to traverse the Gobi Desert and the Khangai Mountains in central Mongolia. You'll be able to marvel at the beauty of the steppes, the serenity of the Gobi, and the magnificence of the Khangai all in one trip.

Horse riding in Khovsgol.jpeg

Embark on an extraordinary 21 day journey through the enchanting Orkhon Valley and Arkhangai province, where you'll experience the true essence of Mongolia. For 14 unforgettable days, you'll traverse these breathtaking landscapes on horseback, immersing yourself in the unparalleled beauty that this country has to offer. Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring sights and discover the hidden gems that lie within Mongolia's most stunning landscapes.


Come and explore the breathtaking beauty of Mongolia's nature on our 5-day hiking tour! We will start our trip from the hot spring of Tsenkher and we will walk to the national park of the Naiman nuur accompanied by our yaks. Between steppe and forest, hikers will appreciate the tranquility of the Mongolian valleys. Enjoy the stunning landscapes and take in the beauty of this unique country.

Sheeps and gers

Experience Mongolia like never before! Our tour offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the nomadic life and enjoy horseback riding in the breathtaking landscapes of the mini-Gobi and the Orkhon valley. Here, you will be welcomed by a nomadic family who will share their daily life with you and introduce you to their Mongolian traditions.


Welcome to Steppe Cavaliers Mongolia, the professional tour operator provides unforgettable experiences to curious and adventurous travelers. Our expert team offers group trips, tailor-made and luxury tours designed to maximize your exploration of this vast country. From the stunning landscapes of the Gobi Desert to the lush forests of Khövsgöl Nuur and beyond, We can introduce you to the fascinating nomadic culture and life style, untouched natural beauty, unique wildlife, and friendly people of Mongolia. Our expertise will guide you from capital city of Mongolia to stunning nomadic steppe, where you can discover the customs and traditions of 19 different ethnic groups. Mongolia's vast and diverse terrain is home to 80 millions animals where we will ensure you to experience unforgettable adventure.


Mongolian steppe is a vast and beautiful landscape that will take your breath away. With its lush meadows, traditional yurts, free-roaming herds, horse riders and children playing by the river, you will feel as though you have stepped back in time. On top of this, you can discover a infinite steppe of Mongolia, number of ancient monasteries and historical sites.

Khongor sand dunes

Explore the Gobi Desert with our discovery tours! You will be amazed by the spectacular sand dunes, the cliffs, canyons, cryptically shaped rocks, ancient monasteries, and lush oases. Spend the night under millions of stars and marvel at the breathtakingly beautiful night sky. Make memories that will last a lifetime with a tour of the Gobi Desert.

Eagle hunter

Experience a thrilling adventure with the Eagle Hunters in the far west of Mongolia. Eagle hunters live at the foot of the majestic Altai Tavan Bogd, the highest mountain range in Mongolia (4374m above sea level). Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey to discover a unique way of life and admire a magnificent landscape.


Experience the purest lake with green forest where you can meet the Tsaatan, Mongolian reindeer nomads. Travel to the forests of far northern Mongolia with horse, where these unique nomads live in teepees with their reindeers in wild and virgin nature. To get there, you will have to go on horseback or on foot.

At Steppe Cavaliers Mongolia, we are passionate to help clients to unlock our beautiful homeland. We are a local tour operator that specializes in organizing discovery tours with 4x4, horse riding trips, hiking and trekking trips. Our team is made up of professional and experienced guides who have been exploring the Mongolian countryside since 2016. We offer a wide variety of tours, including equestrian, pedestrian, and 4x4 tours, so you can find the perfect adventure for you and your family. Immerse yourself in virgin nature while experiencing one last nomadic culture of the world.




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