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To be able to transit or enter the territory of Mongolia any foreign national (except nationalities exempted from the obligation of the Mongolian visa) must be in possession of a valid Mongolian visa, a passport or another document of valid trip recognized by the Mongolian authorities. The visa application file must include the following documents:

  • Original passport valid for more than 6 months after the return date

  • Visa application form, all sections must be duly completed by the visa applicant.

  • A recent passport photo of 3.5×4.5 /no copy/ pasted on the form

  • Proof of travel (confirmation of hotel reservation or certificate from agencies 

  • Ticket reservation (if you are going to take the train from China or Russia to come to Mongolia, you can attach a copy of your plane ticket from/to France)

  • Global repatriation insurance certificate issued by your insurance company specifying your name, the exact dates of your stay in Mongolia and the policy number.

N.B: From now on, to benefit from the exemption from visa fees for minors of French or foreign nationality, one of whose parents is of Mongolian nationality or who has changed his nationality, photocopy of his birth certificate and that of the proof of identity of the Mongolian parent or proof of change of nationality-(Decree of the President of Mongolia) must be attached to the file.

Apply by mail:

The request by correspondence directly to the Embassy is now possible, you must however send only by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the Consular Service, 34, rue du Château, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, the following documents:

  • Visa form (duly completed, with photo ID pasted on the form).

  • Passport (original signed, valid for six months after the return date and including 3 blank pages including 2 facing each other)

  • Copy of the repatriation insurance certificate and proof of travel (plane ticket, hotel reservation confirmation or agency certificate)

  • Check payable to the Embassy of Mongolia for an amount corresponding to the type of visa you wish to obtain, /see the price/

  • Second check for €20 per passport payable to the Mongolian Embassy for mail order processing and registered postage

  •  Envelope with your address and acknowledgment of receipt pre-filled by you but not stamped.

NB: Checks for visa payment and mail order processing must be made out separately.

For the sending of the request as well as the return of the passports, a single envelope is sufficient for several requests.

It is possible that a third party can deposit and withdraw your visa application file with a letter of recommendation from the applicant.

Attention: The time required to obtain the visa in the express procedure will be 24 hours; normal procedure 5 working days from the receipt of a complete file without taking into account the delivery time of the post office.

The Embassy of Mongolia declines all responsibility in the event of the delay or loss of passports sent by post.

Transit visa

The transit visa is issued only after the presentation of a passport or a travel document bearing the valid visa of the country of destination or a residence permit authorizing entry, valid in this country and possibly a return visa, if such a visa is required. The maximum transit time allowed is 5 days. The short stay visa fee is 60.00 euros.


Long stay visa

For a tourist stay of more than 30 days and a business stay:

the host organization or individual who invites you (incoming agency, close friend, Mongolian company, NGO, etc.) requests a visa permit from Ulaanbaatar from the Immigration, Naturalization and Immigration Agency. Foreigners in Ulaanbaatar according to the purpose of stay.

This permit is then transmitted to the Embassy of Mongolia in Paris by the issuing authority.

The embassy issues this visa after having received this authorization.

When you arrive in Mongolia, you must register within 7 days of your arrival with the Agency for Immigration, Naturalization and Foreigners, at the following address:

Immigration, Naturalization and Foreigners Agency

Buyant Ukhaa
Khan Uul District
Oulan-Bator, Mongolie

Tél :  +976 19001882, 

+976 70133457


  1.  The Republic of Philippines

  2.  Malaysia

  3.  The Republic of Kazakhstan

  4.  The State of Israel

  5.  Hong Kong SAR (China)

  6.  The Kyrgyz Republic

  7. Ukraine

  8.  The United States of America

  9.  The Republic of Cuba

  10.  Macau SAR (China)

  11.  The Lao People’s Democratic Republic

  12.  The Kingdom of Thailand

  13.  Japan

  14. The Federal Republic of Germany

  15.   The Republic of Belarus

  16.  The Republic of Turkey

  17.  The Republic of Serbia

  18.  Canada

  19.  The Russian Federation

  20.  The Federative Republic of Brazil

  21. The Republic of Singapore

  22.   The Argentine Republic

  23. Oriental Republic of Uruguay

  24.  The Republic of Chile


In connection with the decision of the Government of Mongolia to declare 2023-2025 as the “Years to visit Mongolia”, the Cabinet has made a decision to temporarily exempt from visa requirements the nationals of the following 34 countries, who are traveling to Mongolia for tourism purposes up to 30 days.

The decision, aimed to attract foreign tourists and facilitate travel conditions, was made at the meeting of the Cabinet on the 4th of January, 2023, and will be effective until the end of 2025.

The list of the countries to be exempted from visa requirements to visit mongolia up to 30 days in the years of 2023-2025.

  1. Republic of Austria

  2. Kingdom of Belgium

  3. Hungary

  4. Hellenic Republic

  5. Kingdom of Denmark

  6. Kingdom of Spain

  7. Italian Republic

  8. Republic of Latvia

  9. Republic of Lithuania

  10. Principality of Liechtenstein

  11. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  12. Republic of Malta

  13. Kingdom of the Netherlands

  14. Republic of Poland

  15. Portuguese Republic

  16. Slovak Republic

  17. Republic of Slovenia

  18. Republic of Finland

  19. French Republic

  20. Republic of Croatia

  21. Czech Republic

  22. Kingdom of Sweden

  23. Republic of Estonia

  24. Kingdom of Norway

  25. Republic of Iceland

  26. Swiss Confederation

  27. Republic of Bulgaria

  28. Republic of Ireland

  29. Republic of Cyprus

  30. Romania

  31. Principality of Monaco

  32. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  33. Commonwealth of Australia

  34. New Zealand

From January 4, 2023, citizens of the above countries will be exempted from the visa requirements specified in Sections 2.9.2, 2.9.3, 2.9.4, and 2.9.6 of the “Mongolian Visa Issuance Procedure”.

This includes the following categories of visas: “K2” category visa for foreign citizens arriving for tourism purposes; “K3” category visa for border tourists; “K4” category visa for foreign nationals who come to participate in cultural and sports competitions and events, to create films and content; “K6” category visa for foreign citizens in transit;

Citizens of the above-mentioned countries are exempted from visa requirements. Citizens of the above-mentioned 34 countries can extend their stay by up to 30 days once if they arrive in Mongolia without a visa and stay for more than 30 days. In this case, you can submit your request to the Immigration Office in person or online at .

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